I can’t believe the difference in moods (well actually I can, I just try to ignore it) between today and yesterday.

Yesterday I had a fantastic day out in Brighton with Helen but today after another barely slept night I’m anxious, panicked, miserable and pissed off.

I’m still waiting for an appointment to see a psychiatrist, I know there are people way worse off than me on the waiting list and they quite rightly need to be seen first but still *frustrated noise* uuurrrrrrghhh!

Thing is I don’t even want to see the psych, he/she may A) tell me this is all in my head (no pun intended) or B) confirm that I am bipolar and hand me a life sentence.

I don’t want to take meds, I’m sick of them. I can try control it by diet but I have no willpower, excercise is out of the question as I’m far too exhausted.

It surely cannot be normal to bump into your friends yesterday and excitedly arrange to see them tonight but then be looking at your phone dreading the text with arrangements coming through.

*sigh* 😦

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