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When clearing out my wardrobe the other day I discovered that I actually own a inordinate amount of 30 Seconds To Mars t-shirts, initially I mocked myself for my fan-girldom but then I thought again and realised that nearly all the shirts have a story or a memory attached to them and I thought I would share a few with you guys.

My first ever Mars shirt – my brother bought this for me at Christmas 2007 after I’d spent most of the year yapping to anyone who’d listen about this amazing new band I loved!

View from the back

The next shirt was also a Christmas present from my brother in 2008

This is my most special and treasured shirt. I got it at the KoKo performance in Nov 2009, it was an incredibly special night as I’ve mentioned before. It’s known as the ‘Nice Shirt’ after Jared commented on it as such. Whenever I wear it, it takes me right back to that night and helps lift my mood.

This shirt is from the band’s performance at Wembley Arena in Feb 2010 and is also very special as I wore it the first time I met my best friend Helen.

From the back

This shirt is another favourite as I got it at the Band’s Brighton performance which was the first concert I went to with Helen

I like it when shirts have tour dates on the back! I went to three concerts on this shirt – the two Brightons and the O2

The t-shirt that has travelled the furthest! 8000 miles from Niagara Falls back to the UK.

There’s my show!

I like this shirt as it’s very colourful, Helen spotted this on a day trip to Brighton

These two shirts were bought last summer, the tiger top is super comfy! I used funds from my ‘Break-up inheritance’ after splitting with my boyfriend of nearly 7 years (on good terms) we split our savings and I immediately ordered some new shirts to cheer myself up!

My Rome Golden Ticket shirt

I picked this shirt up at Reading Festival last year

More tour dates! Rome is on here too!

My shirt from the Lille Meet N Greet

My newest shirt!

Perhaps I could use my shirts as installation art?