My Life In Music

It’s September 1998 and just over a week ago I was thrust from the relative comfort of primary school into the dog eat dog world of secondary school and to be honest I’m bewildered, lost and confused. The social pyramid has been created and I can already see I’m at the bottom.

I am interrupted from my musings on the matter by the approach of one of the shiny new ‘In Crowd’. After exchanging a few pleasantries I ask the immortal question

“Who’s your favourite band?”

She replies with name of cool boyband of the day (the Backstreet Boys believe it or not) and returns the question to me.

I confidently reply “911”

This is greeted with the following routine –

*Run back to friends to relay information*
*Group hysteria*

Despite my musical taste changing after a couple of years I’m known for the next 5 years as…

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